Western Europe Tour 1 – October 2019

  • "It was great meeting and traveling with new people within the group and forming new friendships. Focusing on and visiting Black areas in the various cities we visited. Pulling people together; focusing on the Black experience in different cities during this trip. Your  willingness to make this a good, meaningful trip for each of  the group members was evident while spreading information on the struggles and history of Black people in each destination."
    Imani Muhammad
  • "Wow! Wow! Wow! What an incredible, whirlwind journey.  Our travel companions were outstanding; no drama at all.  The countries we visited were perfectly beautiful.  And, we had a great time for an even greater price.  Thank you Nazlah and Tom for being the best host leaders.  I recommend your trips to anyone wanting to travel with great people."
    Fatimah Halim
  • "My trip with Black Horizons has become one of my most memorable trips I have ever taken.  I loved the people we traveled with—loved the exposure to the Black American experience in Europe—and loved, loved, loved the price for all that we received!!!!"
    Deborah Mateen